Marissa Conrad

This is me trying to finish a 12-pound pizza in an eating competition. It was for a story for Time Out Chicago, where I worked as a features editor for a couple of years. “It was for a story” is a regular line in my life—I’ve rappelled down a 28-story building, taken the wheel of a racecar and ridden an elevator with Paula Abdul, all in the name of journalism. My writing has appeared in/on Glamour, SELF, Redbook, Psychology Today, Time Out Chicago,, and more. 
When I’m not doing things for a story (ie. a paying writing job), I’m doing them for THE story, such as the time my friends and I tried to pick up the Blue Knight at Medieval Times, who kept character in all of his text messages. (“My noble steed and I will be there post-haste.”) I drink milk like it’s water and I recently celebrated my 28th birthday by running the Goofy Challenge, a two-day back-to-back half marathon and marathon in Disney World. I just pledged my soul, and $145, to the CrossFit cult, but it’s not going so well. See for yourself on my blog, Hot Cross(Fit) Buns
I tweet, you tweet…let’s be friends. @Marissa_Conrad