I am not a robot. I write, edit, and polish my nails in the land of year-round produce, Florida. I enjoy talking about fat (fat fat fat), embodiment, and eyeshadow. And shoes. Because while I am aware of my cultural construction, I don't always feel like I have to escape it. I'm an unashamed nerd, with a passion for both Star Trek and the architecture of federal buildings.

My book, co-authored with Kate Harding and published by Penguin-Perigee, is quite a mouthful. It's titled (in the U.S.) Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body. In Australia and New Zealand, you can find it as Screw Inner Beauty: Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere: Trash the Diet and Self-Loathing and Get on with Your Life.

Now say that five times fast.


Age:  35

Twitter: @therotund

Email: therotund@therotund.com

What I Do, Job-wise: Technical editing by day, activism by night. Or, you know, whenever.

What I Do, Fun-wise:  I play video games, read all the words, glue things together, spin yarn, and otherwise expand my zombie apocalypse civilization rebuilding skills.

My Motto: It's going to be GREAT.

My Anti-Motto: Let's not overthink this.

The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: David Bowie (Yes, Labyrinth was an influential film, okay.)

My “celebs to make out with” list: David Bowie, Iman, Karl Urban, and maybe that guy who played Alex in X-Men First Class. Maybe.

The Most Played Song On My iTunes: I Think I Love You, David Cassidy. I'm not ashamed, y'all.

Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, Alexandra Horowitz

My Most Worn Item of Clothing: A black satin ruffled bolero

Beauty Products That I Hoard: MAC eyeshadow

I smell like: Demeter's Laundromat and enthusiasm

I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Yes, but then I broke up with that guy.