Marci Robin is the beauty director of xoVain. After plowing through the creative writing program at Florida State University, she moved to the city of her birth, New York, for an internship at The Late Show With David Letterman, eventually breaking into online content by auctioning herself on eBay as an editorial assistant. She's been writing and editing with a focus on beauty ever since, serving as associate editor at and, after moving back to Florida for a while, senior online editor at NewBeauty magazine. Florida is decidedly not her jam, though, so she now lives in Brooklyn with her two shelter dogs (proof she's a good person), Max and Rufus (which are also her dead grandfathers' names).  
Marci grew up with the last name Zitner, and people enjoy pointing out the irony of a beauty editor having a synonym for acne in her name.
Age: 34
Twitter: @marcirobin
Facebook: Marci Robin
What I Do, Job-wise: I'm the beauty director over at xoJane's new sister site, xoVain, so I oversee what's going on over there, write articles, and make sure Annie doesn't curse too much in her tutorial videos.
What I Do, Fun-wise: I like singing and trivia, but not necessarily singing trivia. 
My Motto: "Learning and sex until rigor mortis." (Kuhn)
My Anti-Motto: Anything superficially clever that's actually profoundly foolish.
The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Cary Elwes.
My “celebs to make out with” list: Ezra Miller, Robert Sean Leonard, John Cho.
The Most Played Song On My iTunes: "Chinese Baby" by Clem Snide.
Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury. 
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: Jeans. 
Beauty Products That I Hoard: Orange-red lip colors.
I smell like: Cyanide.
I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Yes. It was the right thing to do.