Louise Hung

Louise is a theatre director, writer, sometimes actor and all the time impostor grown-up. After earning her MFA in Directing from UCLA and having an actual career related job in Los Angeles, Louise wisely quit her job, moved to Hawai'i, and now puts her degree to good use by working in an all natural pet supply store. When not discussing the benefits of raw feeding and the BARF Diet (look it up) with her pet store customers, Louise still directs plays and is currently throwing most of her nervous and caffeine fueled energy into her stage/web series, The Fatty Chu Mysteries, loosely based on the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

Louise spends her free time eating, searching for post-mortem photography on the interweb, making her own deodorant, experimenting with food that she can wash her hair with, watching horror movies, trying not to run over locals, and complaining.

If you want to read more of my words visit www.thedumping-ground.com

Drop me a line and tell me your favorite food and/or ghost story at iamlouisemicaela@gmail.com

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Louise speaks on behalf of Louise.