Kim Maxine Frost

I’m a freelance cartoonist/illustrator, and I also work as a radio host. I read all kinds of stuff, but I have to say that my favorite form is the comic novel. I’ve been working on one, tentatively titled Never Eat Lunch Alone, for just about ever. I’m also trying to sell a graphic novel version of one of my favorite coming-of-age books, The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis. Right now I’m reading the stories of V. S. Pritchett and Vladimir Nabokov. My favorite books of all time are probably Samuel Butler’s The Way of All Flesh, and Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. The comic rage that fuels those two novels is endlessly inspiring to me. I would like to become sort of female David Sedaris. Also - I just love the authors on xojane!
Age:  Can I just say over 40?
Twitter: @kimmaxinefrost
What I Do, Job-wise: radio broadcaster, producer, interviewer. I’m also a freelance cartoonist. 
What I Do, Fun-wise: I love 90’s Brit bands and classical music. I’m listening to a lot of chamber music right now. I would like to swim more. I enjoy goofy people.
My Motto: Never be caught with nothing to say. There’s a Latin version of that, but I seem to have lost it.
My Anti-Motto: Beauty is not important. (Anti-motto, because it is important!)
The First Movie Star I Ever Had a Crush On: Greta Garbo.
My “celebs to make out with” list: Beethoven and Franz Liszt.
The Most Played Song On My iTunes: Standing Next to Me by The Last Shadow Puppets.
Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings.
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: Pants. I wear pants more than anything else, but I’m trying to become a skirt person.
Beauty Products That I Hoard: Revlon’s eyebrow pencil combo thing with gel, because I have no eyebrows.
I smell like: I like spicy scents more than flowery scents, but I’ll try anything perfume-wise.
I Have Faked an Orgasm (Yes/No): The good answers to this one are already taken!