birth control
Forbes writer Gene Marks published his thoughts on what he would do if he were a poor black kid. It was basically an Onion op-ed. I nudged it the rest of the way.
What's with the compulsion to make sisters into Spice Girls?
Literary obsession is a lot like social engagement, only it’s more consuming and energizing and it takes place inside your head where you don’t have to deal with human people at all.
When something like this happens, it either makes you despair about the world, or it makes you want to fix it. And despite all appearances, I think it’s fixable.
child abuse
There’s a natural cognitive bias towards believing that someone who’s in your tribe, someone you identify with, can do no wrong. And that can allow a lot of wrong to get done.
Everyone's got a story. Mine just happens to have been written by somebody else.

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Sexual harassment allegations and claims of misogynistic abuse online both involve women talking about something they experience as hurtful. So in both cases there are people lined up to tell them that it never happened.
Fake ice cream made of pureed frozen bananas: Sounds like a pale imitation for sad calorie-counters. Is actually the easiest delicious dessert you'll ever make.
I did not gestate him for nine months and then push him out of my vagina, which is good because he weighs 100 pounds and is covered in fur.

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