Jamie Pomerhn

Jamie Pomerhn’s mother likes to tell the story about how Jamie used to feel sorry for the stuffed animals that remained on the shelves in stores, so much so that she would cry when she would have to leave them; she thinks this is very telling of her personality. Then again, Jamie also remembers refusing to budge off of the bathroom floor because her mom made her wear stockings under her dress, so that’s pretty telling, too. She believes in doing her part to make the world a better place, which is why she chose to teach high school English.

Like most people, Jamie is filled with contradictions: she hates the snow, but she doesn’t mind the cold; she hates to drive, but she loves road trips; she can be shy in certain situations, but she talks too much. 

Things Jamie loves: reading, writing, working hard, traveling, coffee, tennis, screaming at the television when a Notre Dame game is on, watching professional baseball, going to any live sporting event, babies, animals dressed up in costumes, laughing, and being married to her hero. Things she hates: ignorance, those who are so close-minded that they believe they know what’s best for others, including the person one should marry and what one should worship, and sushi, although she recognizes that this obviously doesn’t hold the same magnitude as the aforementioned “hates.”  

Twitter: @JamiePomerhn 

E-mail: jamiepomerhn@gmail.com