A bishop at a Catholic school in Canada has outlawed the Gardisil HPV vaccine for his students, under the archaic, broken logic that providing teens with the tools to protect themselves will only encourage them to bone.
Relationships end for a reason. Severing is painful, though, and the loneliness that accompanies the end of a relationship can make you doubt your decision, and sometimes even flip-flop and end up back together.

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american apparel
We’re right in the middle of Pride Month, and just in time, American Apparel has announced a new Partnership with GLAAD, AND introduced their first transgendered model.

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cayla roberts
Cayla Roberts was sold by her father and smuggled into the US when she was 12 years old. She went on to attend college, rebuild houses after Katrina and work with children living in poverty. Now the government wants to deport her.
We continue our work because we know the kids need us, and then before we know it we are 30, and have nothing in our savings accounts.

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Here’s a manic list of things that you can do this summer that are awesome and don’t involve barstools, though you could drink WHILE doing them, should you choose.

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Trigger warning: There are several pictures that may gross you out in this article, including one of a skinned deer. I did not kill it.

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body image
Fat-shaming has been a popular topic on this site, and I’ve avoided the topic like an out of state parking ticket, but I have something to say, now.
brian mcknight
What's really making me want to rip off his goddamned eyelids is the idea that he is going to show ME how MY pussy works.
If a man tells you he likes Bukowski as a way of telling you about himself, this is shorthand for telling you that he thinks alcoholism and misanthropy are kind of romantic.