At 17, I went to a bizarre dinner in rural Mexico with my boyfriend's family and one of their colleagues. It was ... weird. But was it a cult? I might never know.
interior decorating
I want this new place to reflect everything I’ve brought with me up until this point: the things I love, the people that inspire me, the art I’ve made, and the reasons I came to New York in the first place.
drugstore beauty
Tell me all your drugstore buys, so I can scrounge through my change jar and head to the Rite Aide.
short hair
I’m cutting my hair shorter and shorter with each “trim” appointment, but I’m not taking the pixie plunge.
diy life
Turns out, five years of buying cheap college furniture and accepting all sorts of hand-me-downs does NOTHING for grown up apartment aesthetic.
nail art
This space has now been commandeered as a safe zone for the anti-nail art movement.
I cut off all of my hair in a moment of pure, Felicity-esque insanity.
drag queens
Aaaaand here’s the part where I argue that Puerto Rican drag queens make the most beautiful drag queens because it’s the truth and also nationalism.
distressed clothes
Let’s file our talons to menacing points and rip up all of our clothes, mkayyyyy? SUMMER BREAK FOREVER, BITCHES.
A kidney infection means I'm spending this weekend chugging cranberry juice and slathering on lip tar like only a saucy Norman Bates could. I AM SO SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR HOW LOOPY I AM.