Emily Krauser

Emily Krauser is a freelance writer, blogger, and cancer survivor. She is unapologetic about being both a pop-punk fan despite graduating from high school over a decade ago and a total Jersey girl (just ask her to say "coffee" or see her hairspray collection). Emily currently lives in Los Angeles, where she aspires to write for sitcoms, attempt to enjoy yoga, and move closer to the beach.

She thought about therapy but instead decided to channel both her crazy and her cancer story into her blog, Honestly Emily, instead. There is only a 77% chance that at this very second you'll find her in a coffee shop, on a road trip, or hunting down the best chocolate chip cookies in L.A., but there is a 100% chance that you can find her at one of these places on the Internets:

    Blog: honestlyemily.com
    Twitter: @gosugarhighgo
    Email: honestlyemilyblog@gmail.com