Diva Rutledge

I'm Diva. That's my real birth name. I get asked a lot if I can sing because of it. The answer is no, not especially well, although I do a mad karaoke rendition of “Diva” by Beyonce. I have a law diploma that I hope to use to help people one day, although, if the economy continues to suck, I may end up using it to construct one side of the shanty dwelling I will have to move into when I can no longer afford my rent. Until then, I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which is currently a hipster Mecca within New York City. I grew up in Northeastern Tennessee, and went to Dollywood a lot as a child. After earning my law degree, I went back to grad school to hide from the recession, so I now nearly have finished an MA in English. I'm also an aspiring writer and classic rock 'n' roll DJ. Everyone else in Bushwick also is a DJ, including my cat Lila, who likes to lie on the laptop keyboard and change the song on iTunes. There's probably a market for that, and it's probably somewhere in Bushwick, too.