Girls' Weekends are the Best Weekends. Here are my five favorite tips for ensuring fun is had by all.
Rationally, I know that being a dad should come first. But the fan in me isn't always that rational.
true friends
secret app
That anonymous comment? You know it’s coming from a friend. You just don’t know which friend.
I’m pretty anti “pink” in sports in general.

Feb 25, 2014 at 12:00pm | 57 comments

skin care
Find out which 5 body parts are aging you and (even better!) what you can do about it. (If you care.)
warby parker
Plus, a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit that will mean not only are you giving your friend a gift of style, you're ensuring they'll also have the chicest snowman on the block. These things matter, people.
saint bernard
Apparently I've picked a dog that's too big, too expensive, and too much of a handful for a girl like myself. Or so some strangers think.
The NFL Bag Policy is a total joke, but since it's not going anywhere, here are bags that follow the guidelines and aren't totally heinous. Plus, the magic scarf I can't live without.
It's Movember and mustaches are sprouting on the faces of men across the world.