Courtney Meaker

Courtney Meaker is a playwright (with some directing and dramaturgy skills thrown in) in Seattle, WA. Her play Buckshot premiered with Macha Monkey Productions in 2013, directed by Peggy Gannon. Her other plays include Chaos Theory (Annex Theatre, dir. Pamala Mijatov, 2014) and Apocalypse Soon (Ghost Light Theatricals Battle of the Bards, 2012). A smattering of her 10 minute plays have been produced at Spin the Bottle at Annex Theatre and SnowGlobed with Playing in Progress. Additionally, she’s written in 14/48 The Worlds Quickest Theatre Festival. She’s the co-writer on the second season of the locally produced, award-winning webseries WRECKED (Honey Toad Studios). (Full resume here.)

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Creative Writing from Knox College and was awarded the Linda Elizabeth Karger Award for “demonstrated exceptional theatre ability.” She was a Theatre Contributor for from the summer 2012 until it’s hiatus/hibernation in 2013.

She’s currently the Marketing Director for Macha Monkey Productions and the Artist Relations and Education Coordinator for UW World Series, among other things. She also works at many different theatres as a house manager including Seattle Shakespeare Company, Cornish Playhouse, and Intiman Theatre Festival.

She probably has a crush on you.