Only recently have I started to see exercise as something other than punishment for not having a “perfect” body.
daily mail
When I heard that there were probably going to be pumpkin spice Oreos this year, I could have sworn we had done that already.
100-bites diet
I can only imagine the mind games I would play with myself if I restricted my daily food intake to 100 bites.
The root beer cream itself is somewhat thicker and a little chalkier than its pale friend, but the root beer flavor is there in all of its artificial glory.
Though the Meat Mountain is technically a "secret" (you can't find it listed on their menu), the people at Arby's are very accommodating when you order one.
stuart murdoch
Stuart Murdoch was nice enough to call me up (on his birthday!) and chat about "Girls," "Jesus Christ Superstar," and (of course) his exciting new film.
fashion dare
Introducing the Facekini, a swim mask that lets you protect your precious face skin, scare small children, and look like a condom with eyes.
arm pits
Did you know that even if you're a proper lady and shave your unsightly underarm hair, your underarms will still continue to be #unsightly and #repulsive?