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I’m surprised at how much my Special Snowflake attitudes have eased my transition into motherhood. Not only that: in the long term, I think they’ll make me a happier, more effective parent.
maternity leave
I always secretly believed that the whole “motherhood is the hardest job in the world” line was condescending bullshit, and I was right -- sort of.
My #1 priority was a healthy baby, but escaping pain was a close second.
I've gained 55 pounds, mostly in my face and ankles. My nipples have begun leaking colostrum -- a moist, yellow pre-milk substance that stains my tank tops.
In my industry -- literary agenting -- it’s the first cliché you learn: don’t represent poetry. It’s commercial poison.
baby weight
I can’t stop thinking about how unattractive I am, and I’m so mad at myself for caring.
If the personal is political, as the second-wave feminist cliché goes, then it seems like a betrayal of the cause to perform any one belief system in public while living out a different one in private.

Jul 19, 2013 at 12:30pm | 222 comments

Married or single, nearly all of us are tied in emotional knots. Hooray for us.
I’ve learned is that pregnancy is one of those things pop culture gets very, very wrong.

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scary kid movies
I'm four and a half months pregnant, and I've begun to revisit everything I experienced as a child with the perspective of a clueless parent-to-be.

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