unpopular opinion
I finally feel that, as a woman, it's okay to want to be satisfied, and without feeling a fellatio transaction is owed in return.
There were times that I felt that moving forward in life was just too damn difficult, painful and almost impossible, with all of the reminders of Craig and our life together.
it happened to me
I am far from perfect, but a bad dog owner I AM NOT and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise.
how not to be a dick
If you see something in the fridge or on the counter or wherever, and it looks might tasty but you know it didn't ride shotgun with you to work that day, walk the hell away.
Even though I have been alcohol free for over 118 days and counting, I've continued to smoke pot in my free time as a way of coping with stress and anxiety.
He left the bedroom calmer than I'd seen him all night, walked into the backyard and ended his life.