This commercial is so flagrantly, unapologetically cruel and nasty, it’s shocking that it made it from conception to reality.
If you went in for an abortion today, would you know what to expect? Would you have any clue what the process would be like? Probably not.
Magic Mike: It’s a great movie, one that reimagines tired gender roles in new and interesting ways.
health care
The stunning — and quite legally complicated — Supreme Court decision could lead to broad health care coverage for previously uninsured Americans. It’s also a huge win for women.
public transportation
We know, arguing that airport security is racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. is hardly anything new.
Potty parity is a practical concern par excellence. It’s a final frontier, the porcelain ceiling, if you will.
You didn’t eat a Snickers. And now you can’t do The Sex.
drunk driving
It’s the Lizzie Bordenification of drunk driving -- even though we do it, we couldn’t possibly do it. At least as far as most public campaigns are concerned.