Amber Katz

Amber Katz is a freelance writer and founder of, a pop culture-infused beauty blog featuring everything from skin smoothers to hair spray to body scrubs. Her beauty obsession started when she was just six, when she would let her older brother have complete autonomy of the the TV in exchange for letting her give him facials with Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Astringent and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. As a result, she knows a strange amount about "Transformers" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation." A former financial copywriter, Amber started Beauty Blogging Junkie in 2006 as an outlet from which to rave about her favorite lotions and potions to fellow beautyphiles--instead of her non-target audience of middle-aged (straight) male auditors at the office. Amber's beauty bent has taken her as far as Tahiti to learn about monoi-making, to the fields of Morocco, where argan oil is sourced. She can relate any life issue to a movie quote or a song lyric and smells of Royal Apothic City Of Angels. Her goal in life is to mimic as much as possible the fashion and beauty aesthetic of "Valley of the Dolls."