A.K. Whitney

A.K. Whitney is a freelance journalist. Originally from Sweden, she spent her childhood in Scotland, Italy and Mexico before moving to Southern California as a teen.  

Whitney’s work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Denver Post, as well as in papers in the Los Angeles and Bay Area News groups. For 10 years, she worked as an editor and reporter for the Press-Telegram in Long Beach. Her food column, Recipe Request, runs every week in half a dozen SoCal papers, including the Los Angeles Daily News.

Whitney was also a contributing editor to Sexy Feminist (http://sexyfeminist.com) magazine, where she wrote about various topics, and edited FemiNoshing, a food issues blog. 

When not writing about the challenges of living with a chronic illness, she is researching a book about math education and culture. The book is inspired by her own long-term math phobia, which she blogged about in a series called Mathochism on http://onefemalegaze.wordpress.com.

You can follow her on Twitter at @AKWhitney