video games
Women represent 48% of people who play video games. And still, Anita Sarkeesian can't sleep in her own home.

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Some of the headlines you might have missed, neatly summarized.

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the frisky
beach bodies
We've been so amazed and moved by your willingness to share yourselves with the xoJane community this swimsuit season.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said they would not get married until all gay men and women could get married, too.
undocumented immigrants
In light of all the risks and challenges facing undocumented women, I’m not sure the decision to come here can be viewed as a choice at all, but as the only means of survival.
mental illness
There has been plenty of rhetoric about suicide being a “choice,” the implication being that it’s the wrong choice.
the internet
The Internet can be a terrible place, but don't hide behind that as an excuse to avoid dealing with inappropriate, cruel, and awful commenters.
animal testing
If you’re like most of the smart, kind, politically invested white people I know, you’ve been watching recent events via the Internet and the news and thinking, “I am very informed on these circumstances right now, but I don’t know what I can DO.”

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date rape
There’s no nail polish, lip gloss, or self-defense class that can guarantee someone physically stronger than you won’t feel entitled to your body.
Just hours earlier, I was at one of the finest hotels in the city, handling celebrity talent at a Emmy Awards Gifting Suite.
There was the time when students laughed at me for wearing a head-wrap to class, and one teacher approached me and asked if I was wearing a Thai skirt on my head.
Some of the headlines you might have missed, neatly summarized.

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How could someone believe in a god when there’s no hard evidence supporting his existence? That’s a question I’m asked more often than I care to think about.
mental illness
There are millions of perfectly functioning, vibrant people out there who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
I was prepared to find a little more trolling and negativity on my article than I’d originally received. What I was not prepared for, was to see my happy smiling face on a white supremacist website.
How do I broach this subject with a guy without turning them off?
Although I was Somali and Muslim just like everyone else, it seemed as though everything about me screamed “not from here."
mental health
It’s no more selfish or cowardly to suffer from depression—to be killed by depression—than to die from lupus.
My own attempts to challenge sexism within the sport have often been met with hostility. TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of domestic and sexual assault.
Talking to people on Twitter about Mike Brown and what’s happening in Ferguson right now, I’ve noticed (again) how easily folks get distracted when Black people are murdered by the police.
The problem with being anxious is that monotony is your only option.

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