Which Stereotypical Dorm Room Poster Are You?

There are only so many dorm room options - -which one are you?
Publish date:
August 19, 2014
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Orientation is in less than a month. You’ve emailed back and forth with your roommate, bonding over the fact that you “have absolutely no clue what you are majoring in” and that you guess you are “undeclared.” You’ve prepared for the fact that she likes bluegrass and you like pop, and that she goes to sleep at 11 and you are a night owl. Or vice versa.Next, you’ve dealt with the absolute necessities, all of which you can get from Best Buy without even leaving your parents' house. You have figured out who is going to bring the fridge, who is going to bring the fan, and how you will gain access to a microwave. (If in doubt, get a personal mini one -- it will be your absolute best friend when you are working on a paper at 3 a.m. And that will happen. Trust you me.)The basics of your dorm living are figured out. You have extension strips and command hooks, desk lamps and floor lamps. Maybe you even have a strand of twinkle lights. Now you turn to the fun stuff: decorations and fun tech accessories.You’ve been told that college is a time to redefine yourself, and you have vowed to be the coolest freshman there ever was. Yet, when you go to buy posters, you see the same few options at every store. How do you show your individuality? Here's what your favorite says about your style -- and how to use it as a jumping-off point for decorating the rest of your room:

Keep Calm

If you use this British World War II poster as your dorm mantra, you view your room as a respite from others' insanity, a place to relax and get down to business. You are playful and fun, but you take your classes seriously and frequently choose reading a good book and giving yourself a manicure over going to the party. 1) This fun mask will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, even if your roommate turns on the lights at 3 a.m. 2) The sloth necklace is offbeat and fun. 3 and 4) These posters serve as a reminder to pursue your dreams and stay in touch with what makes you happy. 5) This purse will keep all your essentials organized throughout the day. 6) Try these fun earrings when you do go out. 7) MUST HAVE: Noise-canceling headphones will SAVE your state of mind. Don’t be surprised if people take quiet hours as a suggestion, not a rule. 8) This pillow is both playful and understated. 9) You work hard, you deserve indulgences; this foot soak is a cheap way to get your spa on.


You want to have a good time at college, but you wouldn’t be caught dead at a frat party. Good choice. You’d much rather use your room as a hang for your friends; a wonderfully random assortment of people who share your distaste of the mainstream social structures. Try slightly gritty takes on classic academia.

1) Keep your magazines in this old-school locker bin. 2) An ironic nod to a hunting lodge, you won’t find this moose head in anyone else’s dorm. 3) Keep your bits and pieces in this mason jar organizer. 4) This chalkboard would be perfect near your desk; write reminders and keep pencils and other supplies in the cubbies. 5) This multi-layer storage bin looks like it used to hold academic records. 6) Because irony. Also because totes are useful. 7) You will never regret having a bedside table. 8) MUST HAVE: I know you have a vinyl collection you want to show off. This modern record player looks classic. 9) A mason jar plate. Enough said. 10) You need somewhere to keep your music collection in style.Marilyn By Andy Warhol You’re attracted to Marilyn Monroe’s feminine glamour as interpreted through Warhol’s dynamic, over-saturated lens. Neither you nor your room have patience for subtlety; the camera is your best friend as it captures your bright, charming youth for posterity.

1) A modern take on Andy’s pop style. 2) Bold and glamorous, this wall decal is a great statement piece. 3) This vintage Kodak print is a gorgeous ode to Andy’s soup cans. 4) MUST HAVE: Your photos are going to be iconic some day; a phone camera just won’t cut it. Head over to Best Buy to find a TON of amazing DSLR cameras to choose from! 5) Feminist pop art? Yes please. 6 and 7) Marilyn’s feminine side comes out in your pillows, allowing you too to sleep with Chanel No. 5.