A Stylish Gift They'll Love at First Sight

Plus, a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit that will mean not only are you giving your friend a gift of style, you're ensuring they'll also have the chicest snowman on the block. These things matter, people.

Confession: I’ve been wearing the same pair of glasses for over eight years and I rarely (okay, never) go out of the house in them. But that’s all about to change. Earlier this week, I picked out five pairs of Warby Parker frames and they’re currently being shipped to me (for free) so that I can try them on at home and find that pair I like. For just $95 a pair (the price includes anti-reflective prescription lenses), I'm actually thinking I might even get two pairs. I mean, I wouldn’t wear the same lipstick every single day. Why should I only have one pair of glasses I really love, right?

But you know what would be even better than buying my own glasses? If someone gifted me a pair! 'Tis the season for giving, right? Why not give someone the gift of sight. And not just sight--super stylish head-turning sight in the form of a pair of Warby Parker's glasses. Personally, my favorite gifts are ones I might not buy myself. I'm sure you know someone who is ready for a new pair of specs, but just doesn't want to spend the money.

Well, Warby Parker is that their glasses are super affordable so you won't break the bank and your loved one will be thankful. Plus, if you give a physical gift card, it's not just some boring plastic card in an envelope. With a Warby Parker gift card, it's double the delight!

Each gift card arrives with a Make-a-Snowman Kit. The kit includes everything you need to make a frozen friend. No sacrificing your own buttons, no more running to the store to buy a carrot for a nose, and no more taking coal from the stocking for that person on your naughty list. They also have a snow-free alternative gift if your friend doesn't live near the snow.

The most wonderful thing about a Warby Parker gift card? Your friend gets to pick whichever glasses he or she loves the most.

I wrote a few weeks ago about Warby Parker's new Winter 2013 Collection. Their updated “classic vintage” frames appeal to a wide range of personal styles and I'm certain whomever you give that gift card to will find a style she loves. There really is something for everyone. (I had a hard time choosing just five pairs to try on!)

Personally, I'm a little obsessed with the custom two-toned acetates. So let's talk about them for a second, shall we?

Saddle Sage is my favorite. A translucent sage down below and a streaked woodsy hue on top. As Warby Parker says, “they’ll provide what fashion people like to call a 'pop of color.'”

And while I’m pretty obsessed with that combo, Saddle Russet is actually the color I’ll end up going for because I think the Russet will complement my blue eyes more dramatically than Sage. I don’t have to leave it up to chance though since I plan to trying them both on with different outfits and asking my friends for their opinions.

Whichever color I end up choosing, I know my new frames will be perfect for reading a book by the fire or shooting pool at the bar. That's what I love about them: they're all a little "downtown academic," which is something I just made up, but kind of love.

That's not even the best part though. The best part is: 1.) for every pair of frames they sell, a pair is distributed to someone in need and 2.) that Warby Parker glasses aren’t just super stylish, they’re made to last. My four-month-old puppy enjoys trying to remove my glasses from my face during our morning cuddle sessions/ romps, but Warby Parker frames are made from cellulose acetate, which unlike plastic, is durable yet flexible. Likewise, Warby Parker uses some of the sturdiest hinges on the market to provide superior durability.

So if there are still a few people on your holiday shopping list, why not surprise them with a Warby Parker gift card? (And yes, family members who are reading this, that is totally a hint.)

This post is sponsored by Warby Parker. Buy a loved one a physical gift card and they'll include a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit! Order by December 19 to ensure delivery by Christmas Day.