Life's Too Short to Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

High heels for a night out? No thanks!
Publish date:
September 26, 2014
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All the news you need for fall 2014 is right here: comfy flats are where it’s at. You can’t possibly be expected to live life to the fullest if you aren't wearing shoes you can run, kick, jump, dance and party in! Having to ditch your shoes and walk barefoot through the streets mid-evening is the exact opposite of a good time -- because nobody can party like it's the two-thousand-and-teens while their toes are being crushed and the balls of their feet are on fire. Modern girls have to be ready for anything a night could throw at them -- and while that used to mean wearing some version of boring, sensible shoes, those days are thankfully long gone. If you want to be cool AND comfortable this fall, look no farther than Sanuk!

While you might think their ultra-comfortable shoes would never work for a night on the town, you'd be dead wrong -- because Sanuk's got style on lock right now, with shoes that look good no matter what you wear them with (or where you choose to wear them.) But if you need a little inspiration to make the jump to comfortable-shoe-land (which is an actual place), we've got ideas for you.

WHERE TO WEAR 'EM: front row at a concert

An elegant embellished sweater and a 1970s style bag are the pieces that make the Sanuk 'Shy Anne' slip-on or 'Soulshine' laced bootie the perfect choice to wear where standing all night is de rigueur. Add a cheeky piece of gold jewelry engraved with your favorite song lyrics and you've got a look that's totally front-row-worthy.

WHERE TO WEAR 'EM: dinner and a movie

Think a plain oxford shirt can't shine on date night? Au contraire! Just swap your everyday jeans for some disco-inspired leggings and trade your plain old ponytail holder in for a metal version that could actually be considered jewelry for your hair -- then finish the look with a pair of cheetah-print ankle booties like the Sanuk 'Savvy Anna'. You'll be shocked at how a little dose of wild pattern can make any old outfit really pop.

WHERE TO WEAR 'EM: a night of furious dancing

A laced-back crop top paired with high waisted leopard shorts elevates the Sanuk 'Stevie' boot from simple to smashing -- while allowing for endless dancing due to maximum comfort. Add a glam faux-fur coat and ladylike gold accessories to the mix and you're ready for anything the night has to offer.

WHERE TO WEAR 'EM: Vegas, baby!

There's probably nothing that better illustrates what a buzzkill the wrong pair of shoes can be than a gaggle of babes limping through a hotel in Vegas, heels in hand. It's true that the shortest of skirts is practically mandatory gear for a night in the casino, but shoes that kill are definitely not -- and the Sanuk 'Zoey' or 'Meadow' makes a great foil to an ultra-sexy dress. Add in a pair of faux-garter tights and you can mimic the look of a pair of over-the-knee boots without all the pain! A few well-selected clear accessories finishes the look off perfectly without weighing it down.

The real moral of the story is this: If you're looking to have a great night out that won't stop until you want it to, be sure to heed this simple, sage advice -- don't get stuck wearing shoes that hurt! (Life's too short for that kind of nonsense anyway.)