I Won't Invite Guests To My House If My Bathroom Isn't Clean

For some reason I thought prepping my bathroom for guests was some labor-intensive task that ate up like half a day, but that turned out not to be true.
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March 21, 2014
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If you’re like me, the thought of someone just casually dropping by your home unannounced gives you heart palpitations. Jeff and I keep a pretty neat house, overall, but I am of the mind that my home should be extra clean for guests. A clean space makes people feel comfortable, and I want guests in my home to feel happy and relaxed.

And if you are a bit of a germaphobe like me, there is nothing worse than subjecting your guests to a messy bathroom. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, Jeff’s cousin, who I had not met before, called us up unexpectedly to let us know he was in town -- and could he drop by our house for a bit?

I’m ashamed to say, we actually met him at a local pub instead, for a number of reasons, but mostly because our house -- and specifically the bathroom -- was too messy to receive guests. We’re talking piles of laundry to do, stacks of mail to sort, and the general disarray of two working adults and one eight-year-old child. Plus, who has time to clean a toilet on a Wednesday night?!

Jeff and I sort of disagree on what constitutes a mess. He is so much neater than I am. As we were driving home from the pub after meeting his cousin, I realized that I probably would have been totally fine having him over if I had just spruced up the bathroom a bit. And really, how long could that take? Ten minutes, maybe?

So I timed myself, not because I have nothing better to do, but because it is seriously ridiculous to stress over this kind of thing. Here’s how I turn my messy bathroom into a guest-friendly bathroom:

1. Wipe everything down: sink, toilet, baseboards, and mirror. (Nothing cancels out my cleaning efforts faster than a dirty mirror, in my opinion.) I also clean off any products that were visible so they don’t look dusty, or I else toss clutter in a box and hide it all away in my bedroom -- which is pretty much my cleaning-for-guests M.O.

2. Fold hand towels and remove any non-matching towels. (I keep a set of matchy guest towels that I can put in the bathroom when we’re expecting company.)

3. Reload the toilet paper holder with a fresh roll of toilet paper. (This may seem like a silly detail, but I never want my guests to have to change a toilet paper roll -- it should just be there!) And of course I always make sure the TP is placed the right way in the holder.

4. Light candles and plug in a night light for some ambiance. I’m not normally the kind of person who prefers floral scents, but I always go for a rose scent in my bathroom because I think it’s kind of funny (if you know jokes about roses and uh, bowel movements).

5. Wash hands (because duh, I just touched like every surface in my bathroom).

All of that only took me exactly 7 minutes and 12 seconds. For some reason I thought prepping my bathroom for guests was some labor-intensive task that ate up like half a day, but that turned out not to be true.

Next time someone calls up for an impromptu visit, I’ll definitely invite them over, no matter what the bathroom looks like. The kitchen is, of course, another matter entirely.

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