I Actually Showed Up To The Holiday Party This Year And I Took Some Pretty Awesome Photos

Publish date:
December 27, 2013
xoJane and Canon

Every year I miss the Christmas Party. Every year I am stuck helping some silly friend in crisis, or trapped in a celebrity's house trying to get a story out of them, or I fall asleep. I have been to one company party since I started working here and I am pretty sure I was only there for a half hour because I got sleepy. Oh, woe is me.

So I actually made it this year. Mainly because I had to write this sponsored post for you guys and we LOVE OUR SPONSORS. They gave me this totally adorable little camera called the Canon PowerShot N. It's so little and cute and has pretty awesome features. One of my favorite was SOFT FOCUS because it made us all look like little glowing angel babies and that is perfect for the holiday season! Also, it comes with a pretty chic leather braided strap that won't make you look like a total nerd with it around your neck.

Alright, enough about the camera, back to ME. So I'm socially awkward. People think I'm super fun or whatever, but in social situations my brain is going a mile a minute, which is why I talk so much and make brilliant jokes, but I'm screaming on the inside. So, what better way to avoid party banter than to take a million photos with my brand new (FREE, THANKS CANON) camera? Here is what I took, with a wee bit of party commentary from your sweet baby tour guide.

So, the thing about the soft focus is that you can put it on high, medium, and low. This is obviously a little TOO HIGH. But omg, don't they look just like divine (as in, DIVINITY) candy cane cherubs?

So, before I turned down the soft focus, I decided I wanted in on the action and got a photo of my own. So that's me in front of our company ice sculpture. Obviously I had to tag the sculpture because I'm a little criminal at heart.

They were rimming all the drinks and shots and things with candy cane shards, because it's the holidays and let's get wasted on CANDY TOO.

So obviously everybody is bummed about holiday office parties because you can't get drunk and grind up on your manager screaming "BUT I REALLY NEED THAT RAISE TO KEEP MY WEEKEND PARTY GOING." Our office is kind of awesome and everybody is really chill. So I want you to meet a friend of xoJane, Kate. She is a BOSS. I know this because we went to the same highly competitive school for brilliant young women. Also, this is a very special picture because the CEO of our good ol' parent company Say Media actually took this photo. So that is like having a famous person take your photo, almost.

Oh then these guys showed up. Did I tell you that the theme of the party was "Fire and Ice?" So these guys showed up and they are the the LIFE OF THE PARTY, RIGHT?! They were dancing quite a bit, which is funny because I think one of them actually sold this advertorial. I guess you can't really act normal when you are dressed like Bryan Boitano no matter how baller you are at your real job. We all just want to be figure skaters, actually.

Then I found some glasses on a stick and pretended to be a more serious, less accessible version of Marci.

Then I found even BIGGER LIPS.

Then I got tired and had to go to bed because I'm a big baby but it was a pretty fun party and I'm glad I peeled myself away from "Game Of Thrones" to attend. I got to fiddle with this totally adorable camera and make people take major photos of me me me. Loved it. Great time. I'll start hibernating right now because it's really been too much excitement for one day.