THAT’S A WRAP! Actually, That’s a Liner

I wore a liner every day for 7 days and I get it- feeling fresh can help you feel even more confident. Now show YOUR confidence for a chance to come to NYC and hang out with me!
Publish date:
July 9, 2015
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If you’ve been following xoJane on Instagram over the past week, you know I've been participating in Carefree’s 7 Days of of Fierce—AND that you have a chance to win a trip to NYC to spend the day with me and the rest of the xoJane staff. All you have to do is Instagram your confident side with #FreshIsFierce and #CarefreeXOJaneContest when you're feeling fresh.

Here’s Marci with the recap and more details on how to enter:


Hi, guys! Well, she did it! Not that I—or anyone else—doubted Jane for a second, but she tackled all seven confidence-boosting experiences set forth by Carefree in their 7 Days of Fierce, and it was all documented on Instagram.

Did you follow along? If so, you probably saw that Jane wore red lipstick in public for what’s got to be the first time EVER—definitely the first time in the almost three years I've known her. She also doled out compliments to strangers to boost their confidence, danced liked no one was watching (and in New York, no one is—we’ve seen everything), hosted a party, and more.

And all of this fierceness was made possible by the confidence that comes with wearing a Carefree liner. You may not literally think “This is going make me more confident today” when you reach for one, but you know that's exactly why you do! Kinda like a really good mouthwash or deodorant. In fact, it made mini-dare #2, when Jane wore her absolute favorite underwear, an even more fierce experience thanks to how fresh they stayed. Because the liners are so soft and thin, they’re super-comfortable; but they’re also really absorbent, which is especially helpful in the sweaty summertime. It's like a whole new pair of underwear in the middle of the day.

Interested in experiencing this for yourself? In addition to feeling awesome, it’ll earn you a chance to win a trip to NYC to spend the day with Jane and the rest of the xoJane staff, who may or may not (but probably will) be wearing Carefree liners. Just show us you at your most fierce on Instagram using #FreshIsFierce and #CarefreeXOJaneContest.

More details on how to enter can be found RIGHT HERE.