I Dared Jane to Wear Pantiliners for a Week

She loses the dare if she wears them as kneepads.
Publish date:
June 17, 2015
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Fact: I keep pantiliners within reach at all times. And there’s a good reason for that. Well, the practical reason is because my medicine cabinet isn’t big enough to fit the box, but the real reason is because I use them almost every day, especially in the summertime, when feeling fresh is both a higher priority and harder to do.

Jane didn’t believe me when I told her this little secret (which, clearly, is no longer a secret), so I dared her to participate in 7 Days of Fierce, in which she’ll not only wear a liner all week (at least one new one each day, I promise) to see why I think it’s kind of the best feeling ever, but also participate in a daily mini-dare that’ll push her a teensy bit out of her comfort zone.

Knowing Jane, she may interpret “fierce” literally and stick a couple pantiliners to the back of her head and imitate a jungle cat, but I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised if she follows the directions.

And I think you will be, too, because Carefree liners is giving away kabillions (OK, thousands) of samples so you can participate in 7 Days of Fierce experience with us. Find out how to get yours at FreshisFierce.com/7daysoffierce