Ever Wonder What it Would Be Like to Spend the Day with Me?

The winner of our Carefree "7 Days of Fierce" Instagram contest could tell you!
Publish date:
August 14, 2015

You may recall that I was dared to wear a Carefree liner every day for a week while taking on daily confidence-boosting experiences. We tracked this 7 Days of Fierce challenge on Instagram, and there, we invited you to participate in your own way by posting a picture of a bold move you've made. After reviewing all the fierce entries, we picked one awesome woman to come spend the day with me and the xoJane team.

Meet Julie, who cut off over a foot of hair and donated it to charity!

OK, well, you can't literally meet her, but I did, and we had a great afternoon together.

I'll let Marci tell you about the day!


Can I just tell you how happy I was when Julie got to the xoJane offices and it was immediately apparent that she's a friendly, laid-back, generally awesome person?

Anyway, we had makeup artist Tiffany Bartok and xoVain contributing editor/hairstylist Danielle come to the office, too, to start off Julie's afternoon with some confidence-boosting professional beautifying. (Not that she even needed it -- she's adorable.) Jane's daughter, Charlotte, provided color commentary, bouncing around wildly even though she apparently hadn't slept the night before.

"I don't understand why you'd enter a contest to spend the day with my mom," she told Julie. "I have to spend every day with her."

Yep, Charlotte's definitely 12.

After primping, we invited Julie to our weekly staff meeting, where she got the inside scoop on our traffic, upcoming stories, and Emily's potty mouth. Honestly, we spent half the meeting playing that game where someone puts the name of a celebrity on your forehead and you have to guess who you are. Julie guessed hers, Sinead O'Connor, way faster than I guessed mine, Taylor Swift.

Oh! And we also ordered in sandwiches, which is not what we normally do for our staff meeting, but it should be, because, duh, sandwiches.

After the meeting, Jane and I hopped in a car with Julie and took her to tenoverten, a nail salon known for being nontoxic, which was important to us since Julie's pregnant with her first kid (congrats!) and we didn't want her to be worried that bad stuff was gonna seep into her uterus.

We chilled in the comfy pedicure seats and took in the fresh, bright atmosphere and gabbed about baby names and alkalinity -- you know, normal pedicure talk.

Charlotte was finally crashing from her sleepless night, so after our manicures, Julie and I walked to the nearest Sephora, where I helped her pick out a ton of awesome makeup and skincare products. I'm confident that I sent her home with the best waterproof eyeliner pencils, sunscreen, shower gel, neutral eyeshadow palette, berry-red lipstick and more.

And lemme tell ya: she looked fierce in that lipstick.