Here’s What Happened When Jane Let Her 11-Year-Old Dress Her

It was all Boden clothing, so it was bound to look great. But she learned something, too.
Publish date:
October 8, 2014
clothes, boden

Jane has let Charlotte pick out her own outfits for most of her life. Maybe this is a result of giving her that freedom or maybe it’s just the whole tween thing, but she's found that if she so much as tells her she likes something, she’ll probably go change.

Luckily, she was feeling a little more open-minded when Boden gave them the opportunity to choose outfits for each other -- so Jane not only picked out outfits for Charlotte, Charlotte picked them out for Jane. And guess what: they're natural-born stylists.

I’m sure it helped that Boden’s pieces are so easy to mix and match in ways that look effortlessly stylish, but I really loved what Charlotte put together for Jane. She even took into consideration that maybe the sweater she layered on top of the plaid button-down can be taken off and used to swaddle one of their dogs. Boden should probably add that to the sweater’s description: excellent for dog-swaddling.

I love how that’s the kind of thing a kid thinks about when dressing an adult -- not if someone's butt looks a certain way or if flatters a skin tone or other stuff that’s so easy to get caught up in when we’re getting dressed. By letting Charlotte dress her -- and accessorize her with dogs -- it reminded Jane that clothing is fun, and it looks best when you’re not taking it too seriously.

xoJane x Boden - Style Swap from SAY: Content on Vimeo.