3 Tips Jane Tells Herself To Get Out Of A Wardrobe Rut

Boden’s fall collection is full of patterns and colors that actually make us excited to get dressed.
Publish date:
October 1, 2014
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Whenever Jane falls into a style rut, everyone at the xoJane offices notices. Emily is more than happy to point out that she's been dressing like a nine-year-old boy for weeks on end. She loves that look, OK? But we know she also loves switching things up when she's been falling back on the same comfort-zone outfit over and over.

When she saw Boden’s Fall collection, it was easy for Jane snap out of it. It’s just so, so fun and full of all the elements anyone needs to start dressing more fearlessly. Charlotte and Jane got to try on practically everything, and it served as such a great reminder of the Jane's tips for when she wants to give my outfits more personality.

  • Mix two patterns. You really can wear plaid with florals, I promise. Just find a common color between to the two patterns -- that way, it doesn’t blatantly clash, and there’s something pulling them together.
  • Throw in a neutral. If the sweater and button-down she's layering are patterned, she'll wear it with jeans or khakis; if the skirt and blouse she's wearing are patterned, she'll throw on a navy blazer.
  • Wear a color you never wear. Even if it’s just the shoes, wearing a shade you don’t think is “you” can do awesome things for an outfit. You'll see yourself totally differently.

These are just suggestions -- not rules. (We would never give you “rules” to follow.) But the one thing Jane recommends more than anything else is just confidence. No matter what new twists you try, all you really need to make it work is the belief that it works.

xoJane x Boden - Fearless Dressing from SAY: Content on Vimeo.