All Eyes On: Warby Parker's New Winter 2013 Collection

At just $95, a proper pair of glasses is the perfect gift to give (and to get).

There are lots of annoying things about cold weather, but despite the red noses and dry skin, I have to admit, I still get a little excited when the temperatures start to drop. After all, the lower the temps, the more of my favorite finds I get to drag out of my closest to show off. You say “blustering winds,” I hear colorful scarfs and furry hats. “A foot of snow” to me just means cozy chic layers and an excuse to wear earmuffs. There’s not a winter weather forecast out there that doesn’t inspire me to accessorize in a way that shows off my personal style.

Enter Warby Parker’s Winter 2013 Collection, the perfect way to bring any look into focus. “Rustic meets modern,” the new collection has six new shapes in five new colors, including two custom two-toned acetates. And, of course, their same dependable stylish frames are still available, now in “cold-weather hues.”

I'm a big fan of Warby Parker for several reasons, one of which is that for every pair of frames they sell, a pair is distributed to someone in need. But I also just really love their selection and the fact that all of their frames are $95 including prescription lenses. Plus, you can try them on in the comfort of your own home!

Glasses have made a big comeback in recent years. No longer “nerdy” or whatever ridiculous thing people used to see them as, they’ve become a statement-making accessory. And it doesn’t hurt that they also, you know, serve a super functional purpose. (Even more so in the winter when my contact lenses tend to dry out before the morning commute is over.) And at only $95 a pair, I don’t have to limit myself to just one style.

Speaking of, take a peep at some of my favorites:

You can find the entire collection online at and at Warby Parker stores and showrooms.

And, if you really want to spread the gift of stylish sight, you can send someone on your list a Warby Parker gift card. When you mail your friend or family member a physical gift card, they’ll include a super cute bonus “Make-a-Snowman Kit,” which is exactly what it sounds like…without the snow. They even have non-snow options for people who live in fair weather climates.

This post is sponsored by Warby Parker. Buy a loved one a physical gift card and they'll include bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit! Order by December 19 to ensure delivery by Christmas Day.