5 Tips For A Successful Girls' Weekend

Girls' Weekends are the Best Weekends. Here are my five favorite tips for ensuring fun is had by all.
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April 16, 2014
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I’m obnoxiously lucky in that I’ve arranged my life so that almost every weekend is a Girls' Weekend. I’m mean, sure, that’s mostly because I’m eternally single and therefore I almost never hang with dudes (and the dudes I do hang with are basically girl friends, but with penises that I have never and will never see), but it’s also because I rent a cabin in the mountains with a group of friends for the entire winter. Which pretty much means that Friday night through Sunday afternoon is an automatic party (whether I want it to be or not). Forget errands or catching up on sleep or whatever it is employed people do during their time off –- for five months of the year, my weekends are dedicated solely to bonding with my BFFs and having the best time ever.

I know. I know. Basically, I’m a completely gluttonous hedonist who should probably look into volunteering or rehab, but since that’s never going to happen, how about I do the next best thing and share my wisdom with you? After all, a girl can’t survive that many Girls' Weekends without gleaning a few tips and tricks for maximum enjoyment. And, yes, it’s subjective -- and, no, one does not have to drink alcohol to have a good time with her friends. Unless they’re my friends, in which case you’ll want to bring along that flask of Fireball. Which I guess brings us to #1 on the list.

1. Booze

Drink it. But -- and I mean this not as an authority figure, but as your friend -- drink it in moderation. A Girls' Weekend is typically a 36- to 40-hour-long situation. If you go too crazy on Friday night, which (believe me) you’ll be tempted to do since everyone will be arriving and wanting to catch up and “get the party started” as the kids absolutely do not say anymore, you’re going to ruin your entire weekend. You’ll also need to be prepared for the fact that there will likely be drinking for the entire duration of the weekend. Yes, enjoy that mimosa (okay, mimosaS) in the morning, but if you want to make it to the nighttime festivities without falling off your chair, you’ll need to pace yourself.

If you want to enjoy drinking without the stigma, create a Signature Cocktail for the weekend. Creating something slightly fancy that photographs well will make you feel productive and also give everyone something to Instagram!

Not in the mood to kick the weekend off with drinks? A movie night is always a fun way to bond with the girls. Set the theme for your weekend with "The Other Woman," starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. I totally recommend this outrageously fun movie about three women who are all dating (or married to) the same guy, and end up forming an unlikely -- and hilarious-- friendship. In theaters, Friday April 25th.

2. Athletic Activity

OK, before you decide you hate me, just hear me out. The athletic activity doesn’t have to be anything crazy. It can be a hike or a bike ride or a yoga class or roller skating or snowboarding or a surfing lesson or whatever is indigenous to the location of your Girls' Weekend. You probably won’t want to do it when you wake up in the morning because you didn’t take my advice and ended up opening another bottle of wine when you should have been calling it a night, but just suffer through the pain and get your butt out there. Once the blood is flowing and the heart is pumping and all that other stuff that happens when you exercise, I promise you’ll feel better. Plus -- and this is where it gets good -- once you finish, you get to start drinking again! And you’ll be all, “Ohmygod, I toooootally earned this.” And it won’t even be a lie.

3. Games/Down Time

You’re going to be a little tired from sweating to the oldies, so make sure you plan some downtime in the late afternoon/early evening. Downtime is also known as nap time (for some) and game time/cocktail hour for everyone else. My personal favorites are Cards Against Humanity, Phase 10, Taboo, and Farkle. Just remember that games are meant to be fun and you definitely shouldn't have to send apology emails the following week because someone wasn't following the rules in Taboo and you had a minor meltdown, not that I've ever had to do that, ever.

4. Hair Braiding

I use the term “hair braiding” metaphorically -- unless you have a friend who can do crown braids, in which case, get after it –- but basically what weekend after weekend of Girl Time has taught me is that a lot of my friends are really good at things like “Being Pretty.” Yes, they’re all naturally gorgeous (duh), but then they curl their hair and eyelashes and all that stuff and, well, let’s just say that the fact that I’m too lazy to even blow dry my hair starts to become reeeealllly noticeable.

But that’s the thing about girls who are really good at being girly. They totally like helping girls who suck at it (like me!). So take this opportunity to have your friends do your hair and apply your eye makeup. You won’t regret it. Even though you’ll probably end up on the Sephora site buying 17 new eye shadows that you won’t know how to apply by yourself.

5. Boys

You’re probably wondering why you’re doing your hair and makeup if you’re just having a Girls' Weekend, but one of the best things about girl time is: boys. I’m not suggesting a one night stand or anything crazy (although, go for it!); rather, I just think that getting all dolled up and finding boys to flirt with can be super fun when you’re hanging with the girls. I realize it sounds counter-productive, but just think of it as ensuring there’s plenty to talk about the next morning over Bloodys and bacon. Which, after the weekend you just had, you’re totally going to need.