YouTube Made Me A Better Woman, PLUS Some Of My Favorite Lesser-Known YouTubers

I love YouTube.
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September 13, 2013
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I love YouTube. There are some horrifically icky parts to it, like the at times trolltastically horrific commenting culture and THIS one time that this happened. However, where else on earth can you learn how to flatten your afro, how to cook a delicious fried turkey and how to make you own fabulous glitter heels with a few random clicks of your mouse? The SistaTV YOUTUBE CHANNEL, that's where! Now click on those links and subscribe.

The epic fabulousity of my personal YouTube channel aside, YouTube is Magic. Do you want to learn how to do something? ANYTHING? I am 99.743 % sure there are several completely free, free free, UBER FREE, epically helpful YouTube videos that will teach you how to get out of any jam in no time flat.

I am a living witness to the gospel of the YouTube. Last winter, I was running late to pick LittleDivaTV up from an after school activity. Not because of CP time, racist! Because we were in the midst of an epic snowstorm, and traffic was a wreck.

As I ran up to the front of the school, I came upon one of the snarky-ass moms that are terrifically rude to me as I drop my daughter off at school EVERY DAY. I said hello and she stared at me blankly in reply. These women gossip, snark, and talk shit about the other children and speak to each other exclusively in another language so they are always SO surprised to find out, “Uhh, I understand you, hoes.”

Sidebar: I speak another language fluently and have enough basic understanding of two other languages to get by decently. So I love and support people speaking and learning other languages. I am NOT team this is UHMUURICA speak ANNngGGUHLLlish. Nope. What I am against is those of us who are bilingual using our language as a sword to cut, alienate, and disrespect those who don't understand. That's a dick move in every language. End Sidebar.

As I stood waiting for them to bring LittleDivaTV to the front door, I couldn’t help but overhear her as she loudly argued with her domestic dude about how her car battery had died, and she had been waiting for him forever to come and give her a jump.

So after I retrieved LittleDivaTV and she had hung up, I asked her if she needed a jump. She looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head, but she said yes.

So I went to go dig through the house of horrors that is the back of my mom mobile to find the jumper cables. After clearing a path through the broken crayons, petrified chicken nugget remnants, 14 jackets, swim trunks, 3 headless ninja turtles, and 7 matchless gloves, I triumphantly retrieved my very cool car emergency bag with JUMPER CABLES.

I opened them up and then quickly remembered I had no idea how to do this.

Now I’m team #feminism #womanism #girlsinthegameism. I am fully aware that anything a man can do, I can do just as wonderfully -- but to be honest, most of that stereotypically MAN-ny shit:





Changing a Tire. NOPE.

Mowing the Lawn. Bitch, please.

Higher Pay. Male Privilege and the ability to mansplain away any wrongdoing with a mere dismissal of Oh, well, you’re just pulling the Race, Feminism, Gay, Animal Rights or whatever card and getting away with it? Now that's the kind of man shit I want.

But the rest of the “historically” MAN shit? They can have that.

I am ashamed to say it, but the "Eww, that's man shit" part of me had never bothered to learn basic car maintenance. I have 3 older brothers, a daddy, a husband, and really glorious boobs. So I’ve never had to jump my car, cause I always let some big strong man handle it for me.

And that is stupid.

And sexist.

And stupid.

So you know what I did? I YouTubed that shit. Right there in the middle of a Windy City snowstorm. I watched a two-minute video on how to jump your car. Learned that shit. Did that shit. And had that car jump started quicker than I could incredulously remark, “And THEN, THIS BITCH DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE COMMON DECENCY TO SAY THANK YOU?!?”

It's true, ladies. She just breathed a sigh of relief, called her dude and said “some black girl” gave her a jump and drove away. LittleDivaTV said, “She didn’t even say ‘Bye,’ Mommy!” It’s cool. My karma bank is deliciously full because of this good deed and maybe in 100 years when I get to heaven, Jesus will give me an extra scoop of mashed potatoes in the heaven cafeteria line.

All jokes aside, I didn’t need a thank you. What I needed was the empowerment of learning how to do something out of my comfort zone and BONUS! I got to further explore my undying love and devotion to the mighty mighty YouTube.

Clearly, I’m invested in YouTube because I’m a “creator,” but seriously, as just a general user, I pink puffy heart it. I mean the whole Internet in general is pretty fabulous, but -- as a very visual learner -- having a huge site with 8.8 kabillion mostly homemade, mostly fabulous, completely FREE videos of people teaching you how to stuff does my heart really really good.

So, since I’m #teamyoutube and #teamlittleguys, I’m going to drop some recommendations of lesser-known YouTubers who are really doing an excellent job of educating the world. Subscribe to them all and tell them SistaTV sent you!

For Natural Hair Tutorials, I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE YouTuber:IamNaturallyCurious

Did I mention that I love her? I am HERE for Naturally Curious. Her videos are exquisitely filmed (GOOD LIGHTING, PEOPLE!!), feature fantastic music and fresh ideas, and she has a great rapport with and respect for her subscribers.

This is one of my current favorite videos from her:

Girl. GIRL. I tried to told you she was FAB. I will accept cash, chocolate strawberries, and Loubies as a finder's fee for hipping you to her fab.

YouTuber: MomsVSMeal

Full Disclosure: The host Dana Cooksey was my best friend from about 1st to 4th grade but then she moved away and gave me The Sads. I haven’t seen her since then, so this is not some baseless shill. We recently reconnected via the BookFace. So when I saw these come across my newsfeed, I was blown away by the production values, excellent and universally accessible recipes, and the fact that she was a grown up now and no longer had pigtails.

Seriously check out her video on how to make Enchiladas with Smoky Black Bean & Corn Salad.

Excellent. There is absolutely no reason for her to have such a low subscriber count. Subscribe, y'all.


I am a tech junkie, geeky McGeek-A-Lot, and I love, love, love gadgets. I also love insane amount of information about anything I even sorta kinda like. (The kind of Facebook stalking I will do when I jump back in the world of dating will be LEGENDARY, my darlings.) So OBVI when I'm in the market for new tech products or gear, I LIVE for unboxings and reviews and YouTube tutorials and ANYTHING to show me how to work these fun, fancy, new fangled technologies.

I was looking for a microphone to buy with my theoretical money for my theoretical podcast that I’m totally going to theoretically launch as soon as I can get my theoretical life into theoretical order.

ANYwhizzle, while searching, I found Caitlin and while she is not the most expressive or exciting YouTuber, her videos are superb. Fantastic information, thorough reviews, and just general fabulousness.

Here is a sort of atypical video for her but I love it:

Cool Grandma. GREAT STORY. AND I get to see the product I’m interested in, used in a final product. Hearts all in my eyes for her.

So those are some of my favs for you to check out and support if you like what ya see. I have so many more, but I think I will compile those in a future article entitled, “Dear Writers of ‘YouTubers You Should Know Lists:’ If They Have 4.456 million subscribers, 17 GABILLION YouTube Views, and a filming warehouse, we probably already know them.”

Who should I add to that article? What are some things that you’ve learned on the YouTubes? Let me know in the comments, homies. SistaTV Loves you and the YouTubes!

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