Your Google+ Open Thread

The Google+ social mothership has landed! Do you believe the hype? Please join us for our OPEN THREAD THROW-DOWN!
Publish date:
July 1, 2011
social media, google

The Google Feature Fairy visited me!

The brand-new Google+ (said "Google Plus") is out this week, and all the Innernette is a-flutter with excitement! Go take the Google+ Tour. Right now, I say, right now!

I got access just a few hours ago, and, I do not have a strong opinion yet. I can see that it's going to try to replace your Facebook wall, and I can also see that they've been watching each and every person I've emailed ever. But is it better? Don't know yet! I see Circles, like friend-groups; Hangouts, like group videochats; some kind of Instant Upload thingie for your mobile; Sparks, aka Tell Us What You Buy aka Advertising-All-the-Way; and Huddle for (surprise!) group texting.

COULD THIS BE a solution to our long national nightmare of boyfriend-friending-etiquette?!? For the third time! Gosh! I don't know yet!

But I do recommend super-excellent-awesome-Lady-Coder industry expert Gina Trapani's excellent take on the subject. I like that she declared her hope that their product vision has evolved, since Google's last socially-focused products (Buzz, Wave) flopped ferociously.

So, go out there and plus it up! Did the golden Google goose land in your account yet? Check here if you're not sure. Have you gotten emails about people adding you to Circles? Have you created any Circles with ultra-clever names? Mine so far are "Baddest Bitches in the World" (self-explanatory) and "Genetically Speaking" for my family.

Do you have the Android app for Plus that's supposed to be freaking RAD? I am a glass case of intriguing questions for you guys at this point, so please, tell us what you think! Ladies, start your comment-engines, and let 'em rip!