Why I'll Be Watching the 'Source Code' Movie (And It's Not Entirely for the Gyllenhaal)

Ahhhh!! Screenshots are chasing Jake Gyllenhaal!! "Source Code" looks terrible, and I can't wait to see it.
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March 31, 2011
movies, entertainment

There is a new movie out called "The Source Code." Doesn't it sound AWESOME? I don't think so, either!

A movie based around something so boring as source code, which is literally strings of noun-like objects as instructions to a computer, is something that should never go on the silver screen. It's not relatable, and it's not interesting. Ever seen a movie called "The Chemical Equation"? Or "The SINE CURVE"? NAH.

Clearly, a movie was made here (and you can even see its trailer to learn what it's REALLY about), but somebody in the marketing department considered us to be ready for a tech meme-wave a little too soon. I mean, they even tried too hard to reach out to the uber-geek audience by uglyifying Jake (THAT WAS POSSIBLE?) on this bland-as-cubicle-felt movie poster.

Seriously, what is this all about? Gyllenhaal's carrying a gun, he's got some stubble, and he's wearing a suit, tie and Daddy-style loafers. It can't be a coder-flick a la "The Social Network" because those guys obviously require strippers and caffeine injections to function. And it can't be a spy movie because spies would never, ever wear a gray tweed jacket (yuck).

But of course I'm going to go see this movie. I'm a woman who uses tech and knows a thing or two about the industry, and I love to see my profession glorified on the big screen. And I sure as hell know that many of our modern-day stereotypes come from stereotypical characters ('Revenge of the Nerds," anyone?).

Besides, look at that poster! There are floating tiles with images of several different women! An image of J in front of a glass door! And another of a couple kissing! FOUR different images of explosions!! WATCH OUT, JAKE -- A SCREENSHOT MIGHT FALL RIGHT ON YOU!

And I want to watch JaGy's eyebrows when he says the word "binary" (angry and accusatory, or warmly inquisitive?). If I'm really lucky, there will be a scene involving command-line prompts or phrases like "I'm inside the system."