A USB Drive That Comes In An 'Authentic' Crack Baggie?! SOLD! To One Cat Marnell.

Dear Natalie, I'm sorry for crashing your section. Seriously! xo CAT
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May 31, 2011
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Dude, I can't believe I'm actually writing about something computer-related because I am the WORST with EVERYTHING, even, like, DVD PLAYERS. NOT joking. Don't worry. This is probably the only technology post you will see from me EVER. ANYHOW. What we have here is a USB drive contained in an 'authentic crack bag'! It's officially called the It Works Like A Drug USB Drive.

The "technology" details, none of which really mean anything to ME but perhaps do to you, are as follows: It is a 2GB USB Drive -- did I say that right? Or it holds 2GB. FACT: I do not know what a GB is, but whatever. It measures 1.25" x 1.25" -- about right by crack bag standards, if I'm not mistaken.Why am I so into this? Well, I'm shallow and a sucker for trendy "artsy" things, and this it is being sold through the gift shop of the New Museum, the oft-hated upon but still very trendy and edgy (well, it tries to be) downtown New York City contemporary art museum pictured here:

It is an institution that I like mainly for -- surely you can guess -- it's trendy, trying-to-be-edgy gift shop. Like, they sell things like those David Shrigley "Cocaine and Heroin" Salt and Pepper Shakers, if you get my drift. (Lamely, I've always secretly longed to own those, too.)

I actually go to this gift shop a lot (the museum itself -- not so much), since I live just blocks away from the New Museum ... I mean, you can enter the shop from the street without going into the MUSEUM-museum, so that's what I do.

But look! See, it even comes with a high concept theme! "Inspired by some artistic sentiment for nothing in something, on the USB you are are asked to spray on the artwork with a voiceover as your guide." Huh? Exactly!!! How confusingly glamorous! SOLD.

I know, I know. My legit-esque artist friends think I'm the worst; honestly.

It costs $20. How much are non-druggy USBs? I don't know, and I'm too lazy to Ask Jeeves that shiz! I guess you could also venture to the same neighborhood where this is sold and just easily spend that money on actual crack, but that's your call -- it's a free country! Which is why America is so great! On that note, how was your Memorial Day?

Thoughts? Eviscerate me. No, don't! No, say whatever you want (especially you, Natalie).

Gonna go write some beauty now.