Commenting Policy Updates

Publish date:
December 10, 2014
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As our site has grown, we have begun to look for ways to keep our beloved community a pleasant place to engage, speak up and hang out. With this in mind, we’ve been hard at work updating and expanding our comments section guidelines and are happy to unveil our shiny, new policy! Here’s everything you need to know about the changes, how they’ll affect the comments section, and how you can be involved in the evolution of our online community:

WHO: Every editor had a hand in revising the xoJane comment policy. We used reader feedback to update the guidelines and clarify the boundaries of our online community.

WHAT: We don’t believe in censoring heated debates or silencing dissenting voices. This policy is designed to cultivate discussion and maintain a positive environment where readers can freely express themselves.

WHEN: The new policy is currently in effect. As always, we encourage and appreciate feedback from readers. Leave suggestions, concerns, condemnations and adoring praise in the comments or e-mail us at

WHERE: You can find the new commenting policy here.

WHY: We are invested in our online community and want it to thrive. Our revised commenting policy reflects our commitment to maintaining an open and inclusive space for readers to engage with our writers and each other.