Q: Do You Subtweet? A: If You Said "Yes" Then Congratulations, You Are Officially Passive Aggressive (I Know This Because I'm Guilty, Too)

What's my answer? Hell yeah, I do. And, hell yeah, I am.
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June 19, 2013

I'm working on my bad qualities, but this is definitely right there at the top.

I can be incredibly passive aggressive.

Like, instead of saying: "You are making me so mad, Karen" to a friend of mine I might tweet, "I love it when women act like they're still in junior high. It's so adorable."

Which, I don't need to point out, is perhaps the most junior high move of them all.

So I'm working on it. The passive-aggressiveness and the subtweeting.

For anyone who doesn't know: "subtweeting" is short for "subliminal tweeting." Essentially it's talking about a person on Twitter without specifically mentioning their name or handle (although there is some debate about whether it actually counts as a subtweet if a first name is mentioned but not the specific handle).

I have definitely subtweeted multiple times. Usually when I didn't work out my anger in other healthy ways first.

But I'm trying to get over this incredibly juvenile habit of mine.

Now if I'm pissed and want to subtweet, I'll write it up and I just don't hit send. Or I Gchat a friend to blast out what I want to say privately rather than publicly.

Although in writing this story I realized I did a subtweet as recently as a few weeks ago. (The one inspired by my friend Karen, who is definitely not junior high and who knows I am writing this story and has forgiven my lame move.)

Seriously, I really need to get out of junior high.

But -- so does everyone on Twitter it seems like. I browsed through Favstar to find a few examples, looked at a few celeb feeds and searched "subtweet" on Twitter -- and here are 20 subtweets in all their passive-aggressive glory.

Although, to be fair, if a subtweet is hashtagged as a subtweet is it really a--

Yeah, I need a hobby.

In the comments, tell me if you've ever subtweeted. Been the subject of one? Your best? Worst?


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