This Ring Is the Cure for Rudeness (PLUS What's Your Stance on Phones at the Dinner Table?)

Let she among us who has not been guilty of placing her phone on the table at dinner cast the first stone.
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February 23, 2015
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What's your stance on phones at the dinner table? Are you part of a crew that sees nothing wrong with texting away while everyone's eating? If so, you're rude. If you don't believe me, take it from legendary manners expert Emily Post:

Do not text message when you are involved in any type of social interaction — conversation, listening, in class, at a meeting or, especially, at the dinner table. If you really need to communicate with someone who is not at the event — or at the table — excuse yourself and then return as soon as you can.

And so it shall be.

But what if you can't concentrate on ANYTHING your best friend is saying while you eat tacos together because you're literally DYING to know if that dude texted you back or not?

Well then, get yourself a Ringly.

What's a Ringly? It's an incredible piece of wearable tech that pairs with your iPhone or Android device to surreptitiously alert you when you have an incoming call, text, or email.

#ringly in action

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Yup, that's a cocktail ring that flashes and vibrates on your finger to let you know that someone's trying to reach you — even though your phone is politely tucked away in your handbag.

Rejoice, sing to the heavens, and praise his holy name, for this is relationship (and friendship) salvation in jewelry form. Never again will someone accuse you of not paying attention to them because you're checking your messages. Who knew that a piece of jewelry be the could be the cure for modern technology's epic rudeness?

Here's how it works: You simply open the box, download the Ringly app on your smartphone, connect your ring via Bluetooth, and shove your phone somewhere the sun don't shine. That's it. As long as you stay within 20 feet of your phone, Ringly will let you know that your sweetie is texting, your Uber has arrived, or if someone @'d you on Twitter.

Yes, in addition to settings for phone calls, texts, and e-mails, you can also set Ringly to alert you when a witty social media post is blowing up. (It is the end times, I agree, but the youths are the ones calling the shots these days, okay? Don't hate the player, hate the game.)

It took me a good 20 minutes to troubleshoot my Bluetooth settings, iPhone notification center, and App Store issues before my Ringly was rocking and rolling — but once I had it going, I managed to work uninterrupted for almost an hour, knowing that Ringly would let me know if someone needed to get ahold of me. It was, shall I say . . . freeing.

Ringly comes in four different stone combinations, consisting of both semi-precious and precious gemstones set in 18 carat heavy gold or rhodium plated brass settings — and each ring comes packaged in a nifty magnetic jewel box that doubles as a charging station. You simply drop the ring into the box at night to both charge it and protect it.

I picked the moonstone version as the dreamy, creamy, milky white stone seemed the most wearable for everyday use — cute and fashionable without drawing too much attention to itself. This is also where I should point out that Ringly is one of the first pieces of wearable tech that hasn't been, well, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly ugly, proving that there might one day be wedding bells for the marriage between design and development.

The Ringly I tried out was only a loaner, and no matter how hard I tried, begged, pleaded, and threatened, they wouldn't let me steal it or even just buy it outright. (Ringly's own site shows all colors on pre-order, but shows them as shipping immediately.)

As soon as I can get my grubby hands on one to keep, I'll be putting my phone away at dinner (unlike you rude little piglets) and relying on the Ringly to allow me to enjoy real, actual life — just as nature originally intended. Won't you join me?

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