OPEN THREAD: What Are You A Total Luddite About?

You can pry my Moleskine (and if I get rich, my Smythson) out of my cold, dead cyborg hands.
Publish date:
June 3, 2013
luddites of the world unite and take over

I've never been a diary keeper. I do have a secret notebook that I scribble in when I'm really, really upset or have an epic dream. (Fun Fact: I have an epicly long dream about a dystopian future approximately once a month.) I also keep a meticulous planner, and have since I was 11. I have most of them saved.

Looking back through them, I am reminded of all the stuff I do everyday, and often I go back and add important events retroactively (like, "Made out [redacted] in the library today.")

Anyway, my dad gives me a new Moleskine every Christmas, and I use the shit of them.

I will never switch to my phone's calendar for my planning needs. I do use my office calendar to plan meetings, but you can bet that everything on my office email calendar is also in my planner. What if my phone dies? What's more, I can't doodle in my phone or add stickers. This is why I'm a total Luddite about using a planner.

What are you a total Luddite about? Will you never ever switch to a Kindle? Are you obsessed with your landline? Annnnd, GO!