My iPod Nano Is Just Too Small

That, amigos, is a quarter sitting on top of my iPod nano, which is just SO FRIGGING TINY.
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April 25, 2011
apple, ipad nano

God bless The Apple for making us some seriously good goods, but, they've really got to keep their vanity in check. As much as their slick, clean designs work for the majority of their users, there will always be a rebellious cohort, like myself, who can't wait to break in their beloved piece of equipment.

That, amigos, is a quarter sitting on top of my iPod nano, which is just SO FRIGGING TINY. It's cute, obviously, and packs a ton of sound as I would expect my nPod to do, but, seriously, it holds like zero weight into my ginormous purse, so I'm already expecting to forget it on the regular. Plus, my headphone cord is literally heavier than the entire Nano device, so I sorta forget that it's tagged onto the end, making it feel really fragile. :( I can't use the white earbuds because they won't stay in my huge lady ears.

But the real question is: how am I supposed to make this thing MINE? I'm pretty big on personalizing my tech so that they scream "N-POD" and people will know that I've staked my claim damn clearly, but I'm having a tough time with this one. AND SO, I TURN TO ETSY.

Houndstooth Nano Cover

You can really tell how small the Nano is when it's next to those earbuds. I mean, what is that houndstooth-thingie, a change purse? That could fit approximately $0.87?


OMG, ADORABLE ALERT. It's a little baby bootie for your nano....but something about this just does not cover my musical mood range. C'est a little soft, no?


Brings me back to the days where girls would collect and exchange Claire's keychains with cheese-tastic sayings that I won't attempt to repeat here. For serious, my nPod is that personal but is not that disposable. My $200 lover1 doesn't deserve to get jangled with a bunch of other useless thingies.

Frankly, I miss the old size of the Nano, like these puppies.

There was more color, it felt light but it had A Presence in my purse and in my hand, it lended itself to so much more creativity, like the iPod-in-a-sushi-roll and iPod-in-an-Ice-Cream-Cone.

Even today's release of the iPad Dos comes with Apple-made (*snore*) magnetic covers, which can't compare to our creative-lady-Pad-cover renaissance. Bring it back, Apple! The days of jewel-encrusted cell phone cases! The days of sticker-covered Walkmans! Those users haven't gone away, and there's more of them than ever before.

1 Yes, my iPod is in love with me.