I'm 99% Sure I'm Into These Reverse Thinspo Blogs

My Tumblr is full of fat girls! Yay. Yay?
Publish date:
October 10, 2011
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So, before I got the hang of Tumblr (you can go ahead and punch me for writing that fragment), I thought that common courtesy dictated you follow everybody who follows you. Turns out: you don't have to do this! If you do, you will probably end up accidentally subscribing to some pretty graphic gay porn, a teenager's Harry Potter gifs, and some pretty disturbing thinspiration feeds. Herp-a-derp! Yes. I know. Thinspiration! That old bullshit. I apologize for reminding you that it Continues to Exist. The sad news is that there are still people who spend time cobbling together pictures of xylophone ribcages to make me feel bad about how much pizza I eat. The good news is that there are also now a ton of pro-fat, pro-tits, pro-curves blogs out there. Which I also found accidentally on Tumblr. (I am the Forrest Gump of Internet.)Some of them are your garden variety "It's art, it's porn, it's art, it's porn" art porn, like Me in My Place, which are very pretty, professional pictures of non-model ladies (thin and non-thin) posing half-clothed in their apartments. Others, like Curve Appeal, FuckYeahChubbyGirls, and Curvy Is Hot, are aggregated profesional photos mixed with user submissions -- mostly of hot zaftig girls in their 20s and 30s snapping iPhone photos of themselves in fashion-y outfits, or, as is often the case, their underwear. They range from size-six-with-curves to aggressively plus sized. We're talking bellies, cellulite, big areolas, the works. You can see why a lot of me likes this very much.

I like that they take the insecurity narcissism of the MySpace bathroom mirror picture and turn it into something positive. While the idea of a girl posing sexily for Internet approval should normally make us all a little ill, these are for a good cause. They're posted for the enjoyment of strangers, obviously, but a good deal of it is so that the girls themselves feel sexy … Many of them are captioned with irresistible anecdotes from the models about how they felt inspired to get semi-naked in front of a mirror and like what they saw for the first time. If I'm not a thousand percent behind this reverse-thinspo concept, it's because, as they're still pictures of ladies in their underwear, there's the danger that they treat fleshy ladies as fleshy objects. That's sort of the goal -- that chunky gals deserve to be ogled just as much as thinner ones. You know, as fleshy sexual people who like to wear sexy clothes and duckface topless as much as your size twos. The porny aspect is empowering, but it does toe the line between being something a girl does to feel beautiful and something to titilate those weirdos who want to jerk off while they feed fat girls cake.Ultimately, it's pretty inspiring to see pictures of young women of all sizes feeling awesome about themselves in bikinis and looking hot, and all of the positive reinforcement being offered from Internet commenters. Yes. Positive reinforcement from Internet commenters. I think the next, all important step will be for someone to make one of sexy fat dudes for the girl chubby chasers of the world. (I'm biased because I certainly like a husky fellow.)

Until then, I'm just glad that confident lady butts and boobs and bellies are getting their time in the spank sun.