Why is Gilt's New Laptop for Men?

Want the new Google Chromebook laptop? You can find it in the Gilt Men section. Only. TOUGH.
Publish date:
June 3, 2011
sexism, computers, chromebook, gilt groupe

Earlier this week, Gilt Groupe announced an exclusive sale wait list for the brand new Chromebook, a slick laptop made by the Googs themselves. For $499, you'll get a camera, a full keyboard and an operating system designed to make Chrome the best (and only) dang experience you'll have on there. It's slated for wider release this month.

Want one? Maybe!? Sorry, ladies: though the fire sale has ended, this new laptop was available in Gilt Man only.

Even if you hack the (now outdated) URL to include /women/ in it (try: http://www.gilt.com/sale/women/google-chromebook), the link is redirects to the /men/ URL. Ouch!

Kellbot, fellow lady coder and dinosaur connosieur extraordinaire, called bull on this campaign:

Oh, right, it’s a men’s item. Never mind the fact that they have a perfectly serviceable Home category, for items which are presumably neither worn nor gendered.

Well, yeah! I'd step right up and classify this as a Home item, but Gilt Groupe decided that early adopter duders are the ones who'd snatch it up. Come to think of it, even The Dude I'm Seeing mentioned something about this through his Gilt Man subscription. I shrugged it off, saying I'd never heard of a "Chromebook," and stating sarcastically that I doubted it'd be shiny enough to earn its name.

I didn't actually stop to think that I was cut out of the intended market, but, I sure the hell was. It hurts me personally to be marginalized like this when I've spent my life's work in technology, and somebody plainly assumed that my interest is absent because I'm packin' ovaries. Incorrect!

"Girls like shoes and boys like computers? Come on folks, we can do better than this." Indeed, Kellbot; indeed.