Fun With Facebook Photos: Digital Friendship Bracelets!

Or: How to wear Jane Pratt’s face on your wrist!
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January 20, 2012
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It’s no fun to be a photo, these days. You’re shot, quickly forgotten and left to eventually be deleted off a SIM card.

When people invested in their first-ever $500 Coolpix or what-have-you in the mid-2000s, gone were the days of dropping money like Diddy decorating photo albums with puffy stickers and glitter pens. Our options were to use wussy digital printers or bring our memory chips to Walgreen’s and hand-print those effers on grainy paper ourselves. Some of us may have purchsed janky, digital plug-in picture frames at Sharper Image and loaded them with memory cards of Hawaii pictures in an effort to share photos for Mother’s Day or what not. It was confusing and awkward to bridge the gap between paper and computer photos, and continues to be such.

So here is where we stand: We have thousands (millions?) of sucky, low-res images on our phones and hard drives that we can’t print, streams of poorly-lit junk photos carelessly snapped and Tweeted into oblivion and of course, all those pics languishing on our Facebook pages.

Wearshare can help us with the last one -- the Portland-based company that aims to inspire people to lovingly partake in some good old-fashioned photo sharing. You log in with Facebook, then pull high- or low-res photos from any of your albums to print onto custom-made photo friendship bracelets! Five minutes and $7 later, two custom-printed canvas friendship bracelets are en route to your doorstep: “one to wear and one to share.”

Isn’t that adorable? And thoughtful?

Users can then send their bracelet design links to other pals and browse the extremely creative completed designs of others, with full-size photos. But my favorite (vaguely Law and Order-ey) feature is if you find or pass along a bracelet, each design can be traced back to the origin and creator with the printed-on QR code. Just like hair follicles.

The WEARSHARE guys and I just made the entire XOJane crew matching, dazzling (if not slightly cultlike) bracelets featuring their faces and logo. Also check out the Adam Lambert bracelet I made:

The Megalophobia bracelet I made:

The bracelet I made of my friend and me acting a fool (dressed up as Wayne and Garth):

They’re also going to be my 10-year HS reunion tickets. Do you want an XOJane WEARSHARE? We've got them to give away to our 10 very best friends, aka randomnly selected commenters on this post. (Just mention that you want one in your comment!) Or create your own here.