Fun With Cable Company Customer Support

Everybody is always complaining about the cable company. Can I get in on this?
Publish date:
September 13, 2011
rage, cable, customer support

If we are often united by trauma, there are a few trauma cliques I feel a little left out of. I have never read "Atlas Shrugged," heard a Nickleback song, eaten a cheesy gordita crunch or, most significantly, had to deal with cable company customer support.Being collectively filled with anger over television is why we invented death metal and the Internet, two things which I love very much. But as I have not had cable for many years, I have been unable to complain about it with everybody else. That all changes today. I figured I'd put my cable company through the gauntlet and see how nimbly they respond.

I got things going with what I figure are a few of the cable customer's most common complaints.

This felt legit.

Uh Oh: CURVE BALL. Hope you had a balanced breakfast, Cable Company.

I bet they didn't think know they'd be dealing with an investigative journalist today.After submitting three of my complaints, I was able to chat with a representative. Finally, results!

Conclusion: I don't get what you guys are so upset about! Sure, they didn't answer all of my questions or just the one very satisfactorily or in a typo-free fashion. But they're the cable company, not microwave repairmen. I think that in this country we complain too much, when we could really just get on Twitter and try to ask George Lopez directly.

Tune in for more product testing posts next week when I try that blue Boone's Farm and being the only ethnic kid in a small southern town.