My Favorite Email Newsletters That Are Actually Good, for the Gmail Inbox You Deserve

We're going for quality over quantity here.
Publish date:
October 21, 2016
literature, email, feminism, Caitlin's Browser History

I'm doing the opposite of spring cleaning right now, which is what I'm pretentiously calling Autumnal Digital Housekeeping, a.k.a. cleaning out my friendslists, unfollowing a bunch of people on Twitter who make me sad, reorganizing my Google Drive, and unsubscribing to a metric ton of spammy email lists that I'm not sure how I got on in the first place. For the email stuff, I use, which I highly recommend for bulk unsubscribing.

Part of me still loves getting emails in the same way some people like getting mail (I know I'm weird about this, OK?), which is why I'm subscribed to a bunch of really cool newsletters. If you've cleaned out some space in your inbox, below are some of my favorites to fill it back up again:

Bouncy Castle: I’m signed up for a lot of campaign emails and activist mailing lists, and don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from NOW-NYC, but Bouncy Castle is the perfect palate cleanser. Created by @samimain, @darth, @jomnysun, and @joshgondelman (all excellent Twitter people), it’s full of “only things that make [them] smile.” There’s only been one blast so far, but it introduced me to Kim’s Convenience, which is just another reason to contemplate moving to Canada, as well as Trench & Maple Vines. I know I’m late to the party on these two, but seriously:

Bouncy Castle goes out once a week, and you can sign up here.

Electric Lit: Electric Literature lands in my inbox every Wednesday. I don’t check the site very often, but I maintain that I’m a loyal fan because I own and often use a branded flask from them and devour the newsletter. It’s a great digest of what’s on the site: critical essays, interviews, reviews, and sometimes gossip about literature. My favorite part, though, is Recommended Reading, which is a great piece of fiction, with an intro and recommendation from an author you’ve probably heard of (the most recent one was Karen Joy Fowler, who wrote We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves). You can sign up right here.

A Woman to Know: This content of this newsletter is, hands-down, great, BUT what’s really amazing is that it comes right before I head to work. So, every morning, I read about an inspiring lady that I maybe didn’t know about and go to work all jazzed and inspired. Chances are you probably haven’t heard of most of these women, which is the point. Recent favorites include Coya Knutson, Gluck, and Ching Shih. The formula is simple: a quote, a brief overview, and an extended reading list. Sign up here.

Helen, A Handbasket: Okay, another new newsletter. This one has been sent out twice so far, but I’d encourage you to be an early adopter. Helen Rosner is the executive editor at Eater, and once wrote a James Beard Award-winning essay about chicken tenders, which I encourage you to read, but this newsletter was originally supposed to be about “literally anything except for food.” Despite this, the first issue had a soup recipe that I’ve been eating for about a week now. Sign up here.

THINX This Week In Feminism: I don’t care if you use the underwear or not or are staunchly Team Cup, but if you have any feelings about pop culture and feminism, you should sign up for this. I don’t own any THINX products, so you know I’m not a shill (not that I would mind being sent some – hayyyy!), but I open this newsletter every day without fail. I even found my favorite piece of writing about Kim Kardashian there. They always include thoughtful takes on news items that might not be on my radar, like the Harvard service workers’ protest and Amy Goodman’s acquittal. It goes out about three times a week, and you can sign up all the way down at the bottom of their homepage.

Anything I'm missing? Tell me your favorites in the comments!