Here's How to Instagram Stalk and Snapchat Your Way to the Best Deals on Cyber Monday

Here are the accounts I follow for the latest trends, exclusive discount codes and insider information.
Publish date:
November 24, 2014
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Cyber Monday has risen the ranks as the most shoppable day on the planet. Overall last year, a record $2.29 billion was spent online. This year an estimated $750 million in sales will come specifically from mobile devices, up 30 percent year-over-year.

Here to help you in your digital pursuits are Instagram and Snapchat. From items you know are trending based on the amount of likes it has to getting exclusive codes, these apps can be your secret weapon. Never underestimate how using the right hashtags and following the right people can help you become a more savvy consumer.

During one habitual morning scroll through my Instagram feed, I noticed nothing but #OOTDs as well as price tags for each piece of the outfit. I then started surfing other Instagram and Snapchat accounts; and I discovered giveaway goldmines and new brands created by fascinating people. These pictures are mostly daily looks, filtered shots, extracurricular drinking, vacation spots — more scrolling — food porn, and the latest in healthy eating from people like Makeup By Griselda, Brittanya Razavi, Sam Schuerman and Rosa Acosta, just to name a few. Pictures of these people are usually on my “suggested images” feed, and they are useful in finding new makeup, workout clothes, tattoo inspirations, jewelry and tokens of personal style.

The Snapchat Frontier

It's not just about Instagram now. On Snapchat, sends snaps of promo codes and other insider information to its followers for just 10 seconds. Rebecca Minkoff, which debuted its runway collection on Snapchat, sends loyal followers all kinds of useful tips.

Finding the Zeitgeist via Instagram

But my favorite Instagram sites are those by people I call Social Media Vixens: sassy, stylish ladies with scores of followers. @Sodraya, Draya Michelle of Mint Swim Collection, has three million followers and and a sick swimsuit line. And I’m obsessed with @QueenPee, a custom jewelry service called Princess P. Jewelry, for her for bracelets, rings and metallic tattoos that often are free with an order. Her Instagram is filled with cute midi and pearl rings and puzzle-piece necklaces that are usually captioned with inspirational quotes. Almost every day, there is a new code for her followers to use. These digital vixens have have built social media audiences partly because of their magnetic vanity -- just search #shopmycloset.

The New "Friends and Family Deals"

What’s even better -- lots of Instagram and Snapchat accounts including @Ishateria, @luxecartel, @bodiesbybadd, and @papercrownluvsu have offers for their followers that I like to categorize as the “new friends and family” deals. From 30-percent-off-plus-free-shipping deals to buy-one-get-one-free items to special prices via e-mail offers, these brands help you get what you want cheaper.

Moreover, for the designer lovers, @thechanelworld has pre-owned designer bags in pristine condition for affordable prices. @Fashionnova is for bodycon clothing with a chic twist. @sorellaboutique is an L.A.-based e-tailer who was recently featured at the Gagosian Gallery in New York for her Instagram selfies, #betchesluvthis.

My favorite health and beauty accounts to follow are @Matefit and @yourtea, which is made with Asian ingredients like Yin Yang Huo and Rou Cong Rong. Speaking of Asian beauty, for the diehard beauty fans that love Korean products, enjoy #mssoho.

Approach Cyber Monday like a digital diva sans the paper coupons and let me know how it goes with the accounts and hashtags I've listed above.