Dear Twitter: Please Stop Hating on the Women's World Cup

Am I surprised that people are being sexist about the Women's World Cup? NO. Does it bug me? Hell yeah.
Publish date:
July 8, 2011
sexism, sports, whistling, soccer, women's world cup

Hey y’all,It’s FRIDAY! And we all know what that means…

ONLY TWO DAYS UNTIL THE U.S. MEETS BRAZIL IN THE QUARTERFINALS OF THE 2011 WOMEN’S WORLD CUP!What? You don’t care? Oh. You didn’t even know there was a women’s world cup? Well that’s okay. It’s only the quarterfinals, so you still have plenty of time to, oh I see. You need to wash your hair on Sunday.(Actually, if you’ve been paying attention, that’s not even an excuse anymore. BUSTED!)Seriously though, don’t worry, I totally get it. I will absolutely not be rolling out of bed at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time to watch the U.S. face the intimidating Brazil team (who incidentally they would not have to play if they hadn’t lost (2-1) to Sweden on Wednesday). It’s not that I don’t care. Except, OK, it’s totally that I don’t care. And, according to my research on Twitter, it seems like no one else really cares either.But it’s not that no one cares that bugs me. I certainly don't judge my friends who don't wake up early to watch football on Sundays, so I am not going to judge strangers for not caring about a soccer match. Except, that doesn't seem to be it. Instead, it appears no one cares because the people playing in the world cup? They’re -- gasp! -- women.

And it’s not just men who are contributing to this sexist diatribe. Chicks are doing it too!

I’m not going to go on some rant here about how sexism is bad and can’t we do better than that in this day and age? I imagine if you’re on this site in the first place, we’re already on the same page about that. And I’m also not going to pretend that women are equal to men in all areas of sports. No one believes that the WNBA is as good as the NBA because it’s not.What does bug me is the way we treat women in sports. Because, frankly, what soccer players (and basketball players and runners and every other type of athlete of either gender) do is amazing. It requires persistence, strength, aggressiveness, willpower and a lot of other adjectives that we use to describe our ideal man. Yet the women who embody those traits can't even get basic respect.

And did I mention that the U.S. women’s soccer team was ranked higher in their world cup than our men’s team was? Exactly.Anyway, this is all very serious, so I leave you with a video from last night of me trying to teach my family how to do a loud fingered whistle. Guess which sex figures it out first?