Which Costume Should I Wear to the 49ers' Game?

I basically don't know how I'd make any decisions if not for you.

I swear it was no more than three days ago that I thought, “Daisy: you’re 35 now. It’s time to stop wearing a costume to every single event in your life. You can let one Christmas pass without dressing up like Santa. One Easter without wearing a bunny suit. One visit to a beer garden without a Bavarian dress."

Fast forward to right now and I’m trying to pack for my trip to Green Bay to see the 49ers face off against the Packers for the very first game of the season.

Short aside: I was not planning on traveling to Green Bay for this game. We already all know I spend way too much money on football (yes, I took the plunge), and I’m already going to New York at the end of the month for the Jets game. (Problems: I have them!)

But last May, after a few drinks at my birthday dinner, my best friend was like, “Oh my god, we should totally go to Green Bay!” and I was like, “OH MY GOD, TOTALLY!” but only kind of meaning it because who knows what I’m saying after multiple French 75s. And so then we left dinner and two hours later I got a text from her: “I bought the tickets!”

Me: Um… what?

Meredith: $350!

Me: For both, right?

Meredith: No. Each!

So yeah. I’m going to Green Bay tonight. Don’t even ask how much the room at the Travelodge is costing. You seriously don’t want to know. (Meredith did use her miles to get our plane tickets though, so THANKS MEREDITH. Love you!)

Anyway, Meredith and I have been very excited about this trip for months. Like, at points it’s seemed like the only thing we have to look forward to. We’ve discussed out itinerary more times than I can count. (Arrive, drink, check-in, shower, drink, nap, drink, repeat. There’s not a whole lot to do in Green Bay, you see.) She’s texted me about nail polish choices, seat locations, restaurant reservations, and whether or not we want to visit the Packers Hall of Fame (no) more times than I can count. This is what happens when you hit middle age.

Of course, the biggest conversation we’ve had is: What are we going to wear? And no, this isn’t accompanied by squealing and hair twirling, but OKAY FINE IT IS.

In many ways, this should be the easiest trip of my life to pack for. After all, I am ONLY wearing 49ers’ gear. On the plane. At the bars. When I’m sleeping. And most of all: at the game. The question is… how far should I take it for the game? I mean, I know I just said I was going to give up costumes, but obviously that was a lie and clearly a 49ers game in Green Bay, Wisconsin just screams “Costume Opportunity!”

And this is where you come in. You’ve helped me with so many things before, whether it be how to handle a jerk spouting off gay slurs, what to name my fantasy football team, or whether or not to drop $12K on rights to Niners’ tickets. And you give excellent advice. (Thank you for that, by the way.)

So now I present you with your biggest task of all: What should I wear to the 49ers' game in Green Bay this Sunday?

Option 1: 49ers Cowgirl

Confession: I really wanted to be a 49ers gold miner. But apparently finding a 49ers miner hat is impossible (I’ll never get those two hours back), so I had to settle for a cowboy hat. Which is also adorable, just makes a little less sense theme-wise.

Steal This Look (I'll wait while you stop laughing....):

49ers Cowboy Hat, $29.95

49ers Belt Buckle, $16.95

Super cheesy 49ers tank top that I'm embarrassed to admit I own, $27.99 (comes with matching shorts to sleep in)

Plaid shirt, Urban Outfitters, $49.00

49ers Hair Rubber Bands, $ who the hell knows. These were seriously a present. And yes, I have 49ers hair rubberbands. I am THAT girl.

Not pictured, but optional: red suspenders. I tried this on with the outfit and though they're super cute, they feel a little hectic.

Option 2: Niners Super Girl

This one is slightly less exciting for me since, um, I’ve already worn it a few times before. In fact, I’m slightly worried that I’m starting to be that weirdo at games who’s always wearing a cape, but holy cow: HAVE YOU EVER WORN A CAPE? They’re magical. Just…magical.

You can find the tutu skirt, $79 and the striped knee-high socks, $10 at American Apparel. If you want that red cape though, you're going to have to find someone rad enough to make it for you.

Option 3: 49ers' T-shirt & Hat (not shown)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I wouldn’t even know where to start with this one, but you have your choice of a plethora of T-shirts that I can pair with a 49ers’ trucker hat, a 49ers’ baseball hat, etc. etc. I get it: sometimes low-key is the way to go. And if you truly think this is the best option, I’ll trust your judgment. My best friend’s dad advised her not to wear red at all “lest she get in a fight,” which is the funniest thing in the entire world when you factor in my best friend’s Buddhism. I think he probably meant “lest DAISY get you into a fight,” but whatever. I don't fight at football games. Anymore.

So those are the choices. What do you think? Other things to factor in:

  • Temperature: 70 degrees in Green Bay.
  • Comfort level: Have to wear stupid shorts under the tutu because, um, I'm 35. Also, I'm addicted to my binoculars (shocking) although our seats are pretty good so hopefully I won't have to use them too much. Pretty hard to use binoculars with the mask on.
  • Novelty: I've worn the cape bunches.
  • Obnoxiousness level: Oh, who cares? It's football. THE FIRST DAY OF FOOTBALL! And again: beer.

So please let me know which outfit you're voting for. And also: which games are you watching this weekend and who are you rooting for to win?