What Should I Name My Fantasty Football Team?

Here I am, asking for advice. AGAIN.
Publish date:
August 17, 2011
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So, I know I *just* promised not to ask for your advice on really mundane things, but I need your help with this incredibly pressing (not really, except really) issue:

What should I name my fantasy football team?

When coming up with your kickass suggestions, please keep a few things in mind:

1. I'm a San Francisco 49ers fan, but the name doens't *have* to be about the Niners.

2. I like names that are sexual innuendos that also refer to the sport. (For example, my fantasy baseball name is "The Putouts.")

Names I was thinking about include things like:

Covering the Spread (or maybe NOT Covering the Spread is funnier/more sexual?)Penetrate the HoleMaximum Penetration (that was my friend Drew's suggestion. He's hilarious)Something to do with "The Catch," but I dunno what...

    Clearly, I need help. (I mean my friend's team is called "Ronnie Lott's Little Finger." That's genius!) Pretty please leave your suggestions in the comments and I promise to use my favorite one. (Which isn't much incentive, I know.)

    Also, sorry for putting a picture of my boobs on the Internet.